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Collection: Sunny Yard Favorites

This collection is great for anyone new to naturescaping that is looking for easy-to-grow, hardy, drought-tolerant trees, shrubs and groundcovers to welcome birds and pollinators to their sunny yard.  If you are converting an area that has been lawn for a long time, re-landscaping is a great time to think about your soil health and rejuvenating your soil.  Adding lots of layers of organic matter like wood chips, compost, grass clippings and fallen leaves into your new native garden will help your new plants get the nutrients they need naturally.  Add water stations, logs and rocks to further attract wildlife to your yard!
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  • Wild Strawberry
    Bright green groundcover of Oregon's native Wild Strawberry (Fragaria virginiana). One of 100+ species of Pacific Northwest native plants available at Sparrowhawk Native Plants, Native Plant Nursery in Portland, Oregon.
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