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How do your seasonal pop-up plant sales work?

Check out our How It Works page to find out!  This page has info on how and when to order and pick-up your plants.

How can I get notified about future sales?

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Can Sparrowhawk Native Plants help me get my Backyard Habitat Program Certification?

Yes!  The Backyard Habitat Certification Program advocates for native plants that are on the Portland Plant List (considered native to Portland).  The majority of the plants we sell are on the Portland Plant List.

There are so many options! How do I decide which native plants to buy for my yard?

First, decide where you would like to add a native garden to your yard to welcome local birds and pollinators, and then think about how much sun or shade that area gets and how dry or wet the soil seems.  Then, filter the plants by those conditions to find the plants that will likely work best for your new Native Garden.

To benefit wildlife, think about your native garden as a community of plants that live together (like in nature) versus individual stand-alone plants. Planting species in multiples helps make sure there are enough blooms of that plant to attract pollinators like hummingbirds, butterflies and bumblebees.

Do you have advice on how to plant my new potted native plant?

First, water the plant thoroughly in its pot and let it sit overnight or at least a few hours so that its roots have a chance to soak up the water.  Dig the hole twice as wide as the pot and loosen the soil around the edges.  Gently pull the plant out of it's pot. Look for roots that are circling and pull them out so they point outwards away from the stem. Mix some of the soil from the pot with the existing soil and create a little hill at the bottom of the hole.  Set the new plant on the hill and arrange the roots heading down away from the stem. Gently fill in the hole with remaining dirt and water deeply all around. Add a top layer of mulch, which could be wood chips, compost and/or fallen leaves.