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St Johns Overstock Flash Sale

Help us find homes for our leftover 2019 native trees, shrubs, ferns and flowers!

Date: Sunday Oct. 20, 2019

Time: Flash Sale begins at 4pm and goes until we pack up and leave at 6pm

Location: 8260 N Central St, Portland, OR 97203 (St Johns Christian Church overflow parking lot)

Who can shop the flash sale? Anyone! This sale is open to the general public, no pre-order necessary, just show up.

What plants will be there? There will be about 400 overstock native plants in a wide range of trees, shrubs, ferns, flowers and groundcovers in various sizes, all great for bringing birds, bees and butterflies to your yard. You can browse the plants listed on the website to get an idea of some of the plants that will be there. Quantity will vary greatly by species - some will just have one or two overstock, others will have dozens.  Plants are first come, first serve starting at 4pm.

Will flash sale plants be discounted? Yes, plants will be discounted to sell.  We want all of these plants to find a home before winter!

$10 for 3-5 gallon pots (Orig $16-$25)

$5 for 1-2 gallon pots (Orig $7-$12)

$3 for 4" pots of flowers, grasses and groundcovers (Orig $3.50-$4)

What types of payment will you take?  Cash and Credit Cards.  We recommend bringing cash for faster check-out, hit up the ATM before you head over!

What else should I bring? Bringing your own cart, wagon or wheelbarrow will mean you can start shopping right away, without having to wait for one of the communal wheelbarrows.  If you have your own cardboard boxes or nursery flats, bring those to load up smaller plants.