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Dodecatheon hendersonii, Broad-Leaved Shooting Star, Henderson's Shooting Star, Pacific Northwest Native Plants, Oregon Native Plants, Sparrowhawk Native Plants

Broad-leaved Shooting Star

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Dodecatheon hendersonii

  • Size at maturity: 6-24" tall, 2' wide
  • Canopy layer: groundcover
  • Light requirements: full sun
  • Moisture requirements: dry soil
  • Special features: perennial

This bulb-producing perennial begins in late winter with thick spoon shaped leaves at the base of the plant. Showy flowers appear in early spring on top of a tall 12 in (30 cm) leafless flower stalk. Flowers are inside out with petals magenta to deep lavender to white, with a white strip before the black fertile part. It blooms February to May and is summer deciduous, dying back to the ground after the rains cease. (EMSWCD, 2019)

Photo Credit: "shooting stars detail" by Upupa4me is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0