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About Sparrowhawk Native Plants


Sparrowhawk Native Plants provides the Portland-Vancouver community with low-cost native plants that are great for insects, wildlife, people, and the planet. We do this by running an innovative online store where our customers pre-order plants during the appropriate planting seasons; spring and fall. We distribute the plants at pop-up locations in neighborhoods region-wide.

We Believe

At Sparrowhawk we believe that gardening can be revolutionary. We believe our yards are the landscape of an uncharted future - a future that is rooted in community, respect and support for all living beings. We believe that anything is possible as long as we preserve the ecosystems that sustain us.   

The Owners

Sparrowhawk is proudly owned and managed by Nikkie West and Tracy Cozine.
Nikkie and Tracy met around 2015 and immediately hit it off based on our shared love of native plants and gardening for a better planet. Over the years, we learned that we also share an interest in growing community and organizing seamless systems. Lo and behold, our business goals eventually intersected and in 2019 Sparrowhawk was born!  

Our Plants

At Sparrowhawk, we partner with growers that share our passion for local ecology and our integrity for how the planet, and its plants, should be cared for. This means we prioritize buying from wholesalers that are salmon-safe certified, that do not use harmful neonicotinoids, and that are conscientious about maintaining diversity of local genomes.  

Where are you located?

Sparrowhawk does not have a brick-and-mortar location. Instead, our customers pre-order plants online and we distribute them at community locations based in neighborhoods. This streamlined model provides a fun and easy online shopping experience at unbeatable prices - and builds community at neighborhood events. 

Help Us Grow

You can help bring Sparrowhawk to your community! We're actively looking for community partners/locations to host future plant pick-ups. Do you have ideas for a large, available parking lot, community event space, or open warehouse? If so, contact us!