Common Madia

Common Madia

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Madia ElegansCommon Madia - Annual wildflower

Tall, showy, late blooming annual. Pollinated by bumblebees, honeybees, butterflies, and other native insects. Flowers will usually close in the heat of day, opening in morning and evening.

  • Height: 24”-48”
  • Width: 12”-24”
  • Canopy layer: groundcover
  • Light requirements: full sun to part shade
  • Moisture requirements: dry to moist soil
  • Bloom Time: June-August (depending on moisture availability)

    Seed Packet Contains: approximately 100 seeds

    Sowing instructions: scatter seed on loose-weed free soil. Seed can be lightly raked in to increase seed-to-soil contact, but be careful not to cover the seed with more than 1/4" soil.

    Recommend sowing between September and November or in March so that seeds will benefit from seasonal rains.  If sowing in April or May, seeds will benefit from supplemental water to encourage strong growth the first year. 

    Source: Steele Acres Native Willamette Valley Seed


    Photo credit: Steele Acres Native Willamette Valley Seed