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Collection: Rain Garden

Rain Gardens are a way to naturally manage water runoff on your property from rooftops, driveways and streets. In many areas like Portland, aging stormwater systems (to which many older homes' downspouts are still connected) have not been able to keep up with the population growth over the last century.  The more homeowners we can help in our neighborhoods safely disconnect their downspouts and manage their stormwater on-site with Rain Gardens, the less likely that sewage will overflow into the Willamette during heavy downpours.  For residents living outside Portland, rain gardens are still an excellent opportunity to plant a beautiful collection of native plants with lush foliage and pollinator blossoms that are naturally acclimated to having their roots soaked in winter and dry in summer.  The plants listed here are from a fantastic free community resource to help you safely plan and create your Rain Garden: The Oregon Rain Garden Guide.

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