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Red Columbine

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Aquilegia formosa

  • Size at maturity: 3' tall, 1-2' wide
  • Canopy layer: groundcover
  • Light requirements: full sun, part-sun/part-shade
  • Moisture requirements: moist soil
  • Special features: supports hummingbirds

Red columbine (or Western columbine) is a common and attractive wildflower. It is native to western North America, from Alaska to Baja California and eastward to Montana and Wyoming. The name red columbine is also used for a number of other members of the genus Aquilegia. Within its range, red columbine can be found across many habitats, including chaparral, oak woodland, and mixed-evergreen or coniferous forest. It prefers moist locations such as stream banks. (EMSWCD, 2019)

Photo Credit: Tara Lemezis