Our COVID-19 Safety Protocols are Available HERE.

COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols

Sparrowhawk takes the health and safety of our customers, staff, and community partners extremely seriously. It is all of our responsibility to stop the spread of COVID-19. The following protocols are regularly updated as we learn new information about the virus and as the public health situation evolves locally.


Protocols for Fall 2020 Pop-up Plant Pick-ups (last updated, July 2020):

- About one week before your plant pick-up weekend, Sparrowhawk will send customers a link to schedule their specific 30min pick-up window. This ensures a safe, consistent flow of traffic. 

- The pick-ups will be held in large, outdoor parking areas where physical distancing can be easily maintained. All customers, staff and volunteers will maintain 6ft+ of space from each other at all times. This protocol will be strictly enforced.

- Upon arrival, staff and volunteers will be required to leave all personal items in their car. Then they will receive a training in the health and safety protocols.

- Staff and volunteers will be issued clean/sterilized materials (gloves, clipboard, wheelbarrow, sharpie) that they will solely use throughout their shift. All staff/volunteer materials will be disinfected at the start and end of each day and between shifts (except gloves - everyone will use a fresh pair and deposit the used pair in a hamper to be washed in hot water/bleach that evening). 

- Everyone onsite including customers, volunteers, and staff will be required to wear masks and gardening gloves at all times.

- There will be a hand-washing station with sanitary paper towels onsite for volunteers, staff, and customers. Hand sanitizer will be available as well.   

- As customers arrive, they will grab a sanitized cart or wheelbarrow and move safely along a one-way path to retrieve their plants.   

- After all plants are retrieved, Sparrowhawk staff will perform a physically-distanced double-check to ensure the order is accurate. 

- Once double-checked, we will bid customers farewell, and allow them to load-up and be on their merry way. We kindly ask all carts/wheelbarrows to be promptly returned to the designated area to be sanitized before being used again.

With these measures in place, we can continue sharing the benefits of getting important habitat plants into your yards and neighborhoods, while contributing to a great cause - which feels more important now than ever before.