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Flash Sales

About Our Flash Sales

We show-up to most of our events with a small buffer of overstock plants, just in case something gets miscounted or damaged along the way. Then, we sell-off these plants at the end of the event - at a liquidated price!! So, if you miss the pre-order deadline, or if you simply want more, our flash sales are a fun way to score some lovely odds and ends for your habitat garden.

Upcoming Flash Sale Schedule

  • 2pm on Sat, April 13  in Beaverton, OR at the Tualatin Hills Nature Park (15655 SW Millikan Way)
  • 2pm on Sat, April 20 in NE Portland (Leaven Community Center, 5431 NE 20th Ave
  • 2pm on Sat, April 27 in St Johns (St Johns Church, 8044 N Richmond Ave)
  • 2pm on Sat, May 4 in SE Portland (Leach Botanical Garden, upper lot, 6704 SE 122nd Ave) - PLEASE NOTE:  parking is very limited at the garden!  Make sure to give yourself plenty of extra time to park in the overflow lot down the hill and walk to the event site before the sale begins at 2pm.

    Flash Sale Instructions

    • Feel free to start lining up, at the check-in tent no sooner than 1:30pm. We will be busy packing up from the event and setting up for the flash sale at this time. Thanks for your patience.
    • At about 1:50pm, we invite volunteers from the partner organization that hosted the event to shop first. Want first dibs on the left-overs next time? Volunteer!
    • We start letting the line enter the plant area, in a measured and safe fashion, at 2:00pm. Most plants will be gone within 15min.
    • Garden carts and plastic plant trays will be available - feel free to take the trays home!
    • Payment is by credit card and Venmo

    What Plants Are Available?

    Each flash sale typically has several hundred left-over plants. This may seem like a lot, but its actually only the odd-and-ends after we give out 10,000 plants per pop-up. To get a better idea of which plant species are likely to be there, check out our plant inventory online before the flash sale. Everything will say "sold out" online - but that just means its no longer available online. We'll have 2 - 10 of most (but not all) species in our inventory. The hottest plants typically go quickly, so line-up early if there is something specific you're looking for. These sales are excellent opportunities for folks that live close-by and want some super-cheap plants! 


    • 3.5" pots = $3
    • 1 gallon pots = $5
    • 2 gallon pots = $7
    • 3 gallon pots = $10
    • 5 gallon pots = $15
    • Seeds = $3