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Maianthemum dilatutum, False lily-of-the-valley, flower on stalk
Maianthemum dilatatum, False Lily-of-the-Valley, leaves

False Lily-of-the-Valley

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Maianthemum dilatatum

  • Size at maturity: 1' tall, 2-3' wide
  • Canopy layer: groundcover
  • Light requirements: full shade, part sun / part shade
  • Moisture requirements: moist soil

Rich green forest groundcover with flowers blooming on a central stalk spring to summer.  Plant in moist shady areas rich in organic matter. Spreads by rhizome.



Photo credit 1: "False lily-of-the valley" by nordique is licensed under
CC BY 2.0

Photo credit 2: "DSCN9046" by gertjanvannoord is licensed under
CC BY-ND 2.0