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Vanilla Leaf (Achlys triphylla). One of 100+ species of Pacific Northwest native plants available at Sparrowhawk Native Plants, Native Plant Nursery in Portland, Oregon.

Vanilla Leaf

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Achlys triphylla

  • Size at maturity: 1' tall
  • Canopy layer: groundcover
  • Light requirements: full shade, part-sun/part-shade
  • Moisture requirements: moist soil
  • Bloom time: March to June

Prefers shady moist forest sites with high soil organic matter and lots of forest duff.  Often found growing in stands with Lady Fern, Thimbleberry and Salmonberry. Name derives from vanilla scent of its dried leaves in winter. Spreads through underground rhizomes to form an understory to native trees and shrubs.

Photo Credit: "Vanilla Leaf" by Mount Rainier NPS is licensed under CC BY 2.0